DUBMATIX - The French Sessions

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DUBMATIX - The French Sessions (LP)


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Featuring : Guive, Taiwan MC, S'Kaya, Jah Jah Man, Volodia, LMK, Tribuman, Patko, Jr Yellam, Face-T, Joe Pilgrim


Dubmatix Canadian dub producer is back with a brand new album : THE FRENCH SESSIONS. A beautiful tribute to affinities he have with France. During his 200 shows all around the country Dubmatix met and has seen grow up an entire generation of French Mc’s toasters and singers. All different but all together Dubmatix understood quickly that in France Dub, Reggae and Sound System was becoming really important and has a large audience in construction. After meeting them during his tour and shows, listening them in live Dubmatix get the idea to put together all this new talents and make a tribute for this new generation with a new album dedicated to the long history of reggae in France. So he invited S’Kaya, Joe Pilgrim, Jr Yellam, Guive, Taïwan Mc, Jah Jah Man, Tribuman, Patko, Face T or Volodia and the only one representing woman reggae singers : L.M.K. This two last are on the 2015 Reggae Sun Ska anthem produced by Dubmatix and on this new album too.

Well it’s a beautiful and original combination to discover, energic and positive THE FRENCH SESSION symbolizes French Dub and Reggae generation supported by mentor like Dubmatix !