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TARRUS RILEY - Mecoustic (CD)


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Elected as “Best Artist” in 2011 by the EME Awards (Excellence in Music and Entertainment – Jamaica), the talented Tarrus Riley is coming back this year with a new side project worthy of his career and his charisma were are now recognized all over the music world. Mecoustic which will coming out on April 17th, it’s a worldwide artistic life culmination, the result of a real development in the art of vocalize. Today, this album is the culminant point of a rich and worldwide musical life! It comes close of an acoustic atmosphere, and this is the novelty!
We’re discovering Tarrus Riley with another style, a style totally different of the reggae/dancehall vibe which he has practiced until now. The sound is neatly worked, supported by the subtle voice of the jamaican singer. For the experts, they’ll discover in Mecoustic original remakes of the artist’s tubes.

Tarrus Riley’s foray into music was inevitable.  The talented singer and songwriter was always surrounded by music from an early age. His father is veteran reggae singer Jimmy Riley. Riley has learnt a lot by merely being in the environment of the music business. He caught on very quickly and made his recording debut as a teenager. “I’ve always loved music; I used to deejay but everyone used to encourage me to sing. They used to call me “Singy Singy” because I was always singing,” Riley commented.
In 2004, Tarrus released his debut album, Challenges. The secret to his success is quite simple – “when preparation meets opportunity”, stated a self-assured Riley. ‘I sing for the people – this is the contribution I can make and after I make a song; it isn’t even mine anymore; it belongs to the people.”
His sophomore album Parables released in 2006 with some hit singles as “Stay With You”, “Beware”, “She’s Royal”, “Lion Paw”, among others. “I worked on Parables with Dean Fraser and I wasn’t surprised at the success it has had, but how fast it all happened”, Riley reflected. At this time, Tarrus Riley win all the nominations that music can offer, as “Best Performer”, “Best masculine singer”, or “Best Song of the Year” awarded by the EME Awards (Jamaica).
In 2009 his third opus is coming out, Contagious has seduced again the reggae music world and his public.

In other words, it’s could be on the studios or on stage (we can remember his great performances on the better European festivals in the world and Europe), Tarrus Riley charmed musical press, and has been awarded for his contribution to music and art in general.
Today it’s a daring and original bet which Tarrus is making. He reaches to develop successfully a new style closer to gospel music and keeping thematic he has defended all his life.

We invite you to this loud and sensory excursion, let you drift off into Mecoustic, an authentic and enchanting album.


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