TOURE KUNDA - Live Paris Ziguinchor (CD)

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TOURE KUNDA - Live Paris-Ziguinchor (CD) Mythique album reissue!

Release date on may 25th 2018 !


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RELEASE ON MAY 25th, 2018

Some of the best music to come out of West Africa, Toure Kunda is simply one of the best musical groups in the world. It is unfortunate that more of their music is not widely available, especially the early albums. I would indeed be happy to purchase downloads in order to give the old vinyl copies a rest, especially CASAMANCE AU CLAIR DE LUNE and TURU. Yet, this album, LIVE PARIS-ZIGUINCHOR is quite a treat. In 1983 the elder brother in the group, Amadou, passed away during a concert in Paris. In his honor, the other members organized a major concert tour in West Africa; this album is a product of that tour--a tribute to Amadou and, in a sense, a fitting culmination to years of musical development that brought them to this peak. Ziguinchor is the principal city of the Casamance region of Senegal which is the homeland of the band. The music on this album is fittingly deep and rich. Every track is an expression of musical purity from the spirited opening Sol Mal to the sustained run of E'mma, yet the highlight of the album for me will always be the deeply beautiful Sidi Yella. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever music you prefer, you will love this album and listening to it will want to hear more from this group.