NAAMAN - Reggae Sun Scoop

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NAAMAN - Reggae Sun Scoop (Official Reggae Sun Ska Anthem 2014) (EP)


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«Hip Hop Soul contemporain»


The «Soul Revolution» Project is an union of artists from Bordeaux around a common passion: the music. This project is born in 2006 after a meeting in the famous jazz cellar of Bordeaux between The Lion of Bordeaux and Don Argentino.

Inspired by «West Coast Underground»: Project Blowed, ShapesShifters, Living room Legends, Quanum project, Jurassic 5, Visonaries, Lootpack, Emanon… Our two walk-ons experiment by inviting musicians of different horizons to collaborate on their productions. The main tackled issues are love and revolt to a system in which one the ease tries to corrupt each of us.

At last it gives a SOUL HIP-HOP contemporary mix.