MEGATIVE - Megative

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MEGATIVE - Megative (LP)

Released on 2018 July 27th (Last Gang Records)


20,00 €

MEGATIVE is a Brooklyn-based collective of artists, producers, and musicians that
came together to create dark subterranean dub-punk infused with the sounds of
the UKs punk and reggae of the late 70’s.
Part Gorillaz, part Clash, part Specials, laced with Lee “Scratch” Perry style dub
effects and swirling sirens, hip hop beats, and deep driving basslines right out of
Massive Attack’s sound system.
Lead by indie-rock producer Gus van Go and hip hop production duo LikeMinds,
the band features a genre-bending trio of front-men: dancehall veteran Screechy
Dan (Ruff Entry Crew), upstart artist/DJ/Producer JonnyGo Figure (Deadly Dragon
Sound System), and Montreal-based singer-guitarist Alex Crow.
Together, they create a sound that, although rooted in their influences, from
Kingston to London, is altogether a Brooklyn ‘ting.
With lyrics and grooves
MEGATIVE is currently collaborating with members of 80’s super-group Big Audio
Dynamite, including founding members Mick Jones (The Clash), Don Letts (iconic
DJ and documentarian), and Greg Roberts (DreadZone). They are also
collaborating with contemporary reggae royalty like vocalist Soom T, and
producer Gaudi. Also in the works is an exciting new Megative/Fishbone collab!
MEGATIVE’s grooves are hard, and their lyrics challenge the current state of our
social and political reality.
Neither negative nor positive, this is MEGATIVE.