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MISTA SAVANA - Warn The Nation (CD)


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Jamaica. Australia. Afghans Beats. Basses, percussions, clarinets. Sizzla, Capleton, Anthony B, Horace Andy, Burro Banton… Mista Savona makes some genius and unique mix, the kind that will blow any Sound System this summer !

Jake Savona a.k.a Mista Savona is the first Australian reggae producer known worldwide.

He is eventually hitting Europe with the sound of his brand new album “Warn the Nation”, which is already available across the ocean since July ’10…It is said to be « one of the best Australian reggae production ever » !

Originally from Melbourne, Mista Savona knew exactly how to make that 4th record sound right. Once again, he surrounded himself with the biggest reggae/dance-hall acts.

The production is expected to be the most complete and precise one he ever released.A whole complete production work indeed, regarding the various artists who took part in its process.

From Anthony B’s « Chant for the Poor », to Burro Banton’s « Clean Air Clean Country » passing by Horace Andy’s « Change your Ways »… The lyrics mention the world, its issues and how to deal with them . This is to the top of one very committed and meaningful production that Sizzla adds his acoustic version of « Why does the world cry », even more heartbreaking that the original version.

As for the Live recording, not only has Savona put together an amazing bunch of 10 instruments (including a cor section), he also invited African dancers as well as Melbourne’s vocalist VIDA SUNSHYNE. In addition to her gracious voice, she is known for her previous work with artists such as Nithin Sawhney and Lionel Richie.

« Warn The Nation » contains 16 dancehall and roots reggae tracks. Injustice, environment protection or inequality between riches and poors are thematics that are dealt with throughout the record.

Committed and with great rhythms, this album happens to be the release of the year for reggae fans, but not only, because of the positive vibe it conveys !

We’re truly hope Australian reggae will find its place in Jamaica.. and everywhere else!