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Bathed in the music since her young age LMK approaches life with philosophy. With a sweet voice and explosive flow LMK easily cross universes that she like. From Reggae to Dub and Hip Hop styles closely linked the young singer defends pacifist ideas and way of life.


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Her brand new album MUSICAL GARDEN will release on October 2nd with Soulbeats Records and will bring some fresh air in the contemporary musical scene. LMK activ member from the new generation who grew up with Damian Marley, Rihanna, Capleton or Lauryn Hill combine ingeniously the rythmes with success. It could be on "All I Wanna Do", "Cry Me A River" or the excellent "I Say No" we savour big energy and electric flow ! You'll discover 3 acoustic tracks too which will permit you to appreciate his generous voice which promise a big potential ! With energy and subtelty LMK is the living proof that women still have their place in Reggae music. After playing in all France with many collaborations with Skarra Mucci, Taiwan MC, Wapalek, Naâman, Bhale Bacce Crew, Tippa irie, or Marina P, LMK imposed herself in the underground scene but this new album MUSICAL GARDEN shows that she has many more than a one trick and that new horizons are open for her !