MELLOW MOOD - Twinz 2 the World (CD)

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MELLOW MOOD - Twinz 2 the World (CD)


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 Mellow Mood, it is the story of two italian twins brothers who decided to take the microphone to join to the reggae movement and to the fight against the political opression. They're inspiring from legendary jamaican artists, but also from these new french artists that managed to get into the top of international reggae scene such as Dub Incorporation that they'll follow all along their tour, opening some of their shows. With their energic and involved New Roots style, Mellow Mood  has already seduced the public of their country by winning the italian European Reggae Contest, and being on the third step of the European podium. English textes and powerful riddim... this is why it works so well with the french public.  With their new double albu release "Twinz 2 The World", the band is going on a world tour : unforgettable tour dates and success, the italian twins brothers are just begining to surprise us !